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My Story

Why did I get into the insurance business? The story, unfortunately, is very deep and painful. My amazing & loving mother suffered a horrifically painful and long battle with cancer that she relentlessly fought hard until the end. I was her caregiver and also deeply involved with all her medical treatments. One of the challenges was to figure out what Medicare coverage she had since neither one of us knew or understood it. We needed help desperately. Sadly we didn't receive the care we thought we had. This made the battle much harder to fight on our own. After she finally passed away, I made a promise to myself, as a great honor to her, that I would help as many people as I could receive the proper coverage and care. I hope to help people understand their coverage so that no one else experiences what our family went through.

Are you confused about insurance and what plans are best for you? Are you concerned about your options and benefits? So much to choose from! You are not alone! Get the answers to these and more. Contact us to get the big picture so you can make better informed decisions for yourself and your family.

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